POCKETBRA™  for Insulin Pump Users
POCKETBRA™  for Insulin Pump Users

POCKETBRA™ for Insulin Pump Users

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POCKETBRA™ by SherryWinks   

Empowering women with PocketBra™! Look and feel great when carrying your insulin pump. 

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The first ever patented women’s bra with pockets for you to safely carry your insulin pump during day and night. With the PocketBra™ , your insulin pump will stay hidden secure and safe in one place and within reach at all times. 

The PocketBra™ has four pockets, one on each side panel and one in each cup. The bra comes in two colors, Black and Cherry Blossom Pink. 

The PocketBra™ is true to size for the band around the body,  if you are in between cup sizes, we suggest going up one cup size.

Materials: 90% nylon and 10% spandex

Sizes: 32B, 32C, 34B, 34C, 34D, 36B, 36C, 36D, 38C, 38D

Laundry instructions: Hand wash cold water only. Do not bleach. Hang dry only.

When we designed and created the PocketBra™, we had a single, driving goal in mind: the empowerment of women. Whether you’re an athlete, a traveler, a student, or a Mom on the go, the PocketBra™ is both a comfy piece of clothing and a valuable accessory that frees you from the inconvenience of a handbag. From storing credit cards, money, keys, to insulin pumps and other life-critical devices, PocketBra™ uses are as unique and diverse as the women who wear it.

Mobile phones have become a popular accessory used with the PocketBra™. Though the PocketBra™ is not designed to hold mobile phones specifically, smaller models fit conveniently within the bra’s pockets. Because of this rising trend of usage, some customers have raised questions about the possibility that mobile phones that are kept in the PocketBra™ could increase the user’s risk of developing breast cancer. Safeguarding our health is the ultimate empowerment, and this is a question we take very seriously, as the fight against breast cancer is among the foremost issues of our time.

Consultations with experts in the area of mobile phone safety have convinced us that carrying mobile phones in the PocketBra™ is NOT a good idea, and we have therefore made it our official company position that mobile phones and other transmitting wireless communication devices that are in “operating mode” should not be carried in the PocketBra™ at any time. Mobile phones are in “operating mode” when they aren’t turned off or aren’t set to “airplane mode.”