Our Story

Our company DiaSecure Inc, headquartered in The Washington D.C. - area, develops innovative products for people with diabetes. In addition, we sell diabetic & weight related products of highest quality.

Our goal is your goal - to make life easier and safer for people with diabetes and weight problems.

This goal has so far been a success story for thousands of people all over the world.

Our story begins with Charles, suffering from diabetes (Type II) and weight issues. He developed DiaSecure to better keep track of his daily insulin injections, safeguarding not to under- or overdose insulin.
Charles also used the portion plate method when eating, combined with the usage of DiaSecure. Within a short period of time, Charles had excellent blood glucose values and lost more than 40 pounds in weight.
Charles is the founder of our company which today has sales in more than 30 countries, helping a huge number of people worldwide. You can be one of them too - our products are effective, durable and cheap! Also, our Reward Program further helps you to earn points on your purchases which can be exchanged to products at specific point levels.