General Questions

Q: How much is shipping?
A: At the moment, shipping to any address in the continental U.S. or Europe is free on all orders. Shipping to the rest of the world is $25. Please read more on shipping here. Good Idea is only available for sale/shipping in the U.S.

Q: What is your policy on returns?
A: All our products are unconditionally guaranteed. Check out our returns policy here.

Q: I don't live in North America or Europe. Where can I buy your product?
A: We ship to the entire world from our warehouses in North America and Europe, so we welcome your order!

Q: Do you have an affiliate program?
A: Actually, we do! So if you're a webmaster (of e.g. a blog / website) and is looking for an affiliate program or referral program,sign up today!



Q: How many hypodermic needles can I place in one DiaSecure®?
A: Up to 10.

Q: How can I be made hands-free?
A: By using the clips, to any pocket, belt or other place.

Q: How much does DiaSecure® weigh?
A: Approximately 40 grams (1.4 oz), empty.

Q: How many normal sized medicine pills can I store in DiaSecure®?
A: Up to 12 pills, depending on the size.

Q: What are the main risks with reuse of needles?
A: There are several risks. Read more here.

Q: Can I assess how many insulin shots I have taken during a day?
A: Yes, with proper handling of DiaSecure®, you can.

Q: Can I use DiaSecure® for my dog which is sick with diabetes?
A: Absolutely, and the system can be attached to the leash you have for your dog.

Q: Does all insulin pens fits in DiaSecure®?
A: The vast majority of insulin pens fits perfectly well in DiaSecure® as the clamps are flexible.

InsulWear - Clothing For Insulin Pump Users

Q: Do the pockets on InsulWear clothing work for all insulin pumps?
InsulWears pockets are made to fit the majority of pumps sold today – Animas, Accu-check, Medtronic, Dana, Omnipod. If you are uncertain about your pump fitting you can measure your pump and compare the dimensions with those offered on the web sites for those respective brands.

Q: There is always a lot to carry. As a diabetic I always carry my glucose meter, dextrose and also sometimes my emergency glucose injection with me. Will all this fit in the pockets?
Yes! You can carry all these necessities in certain InsulWear products (so that you don’t have to carry an extra bag). In InsulWear products there is an under shirt for men and women with somewhat larger pockets. These pockets are longer and wider than the others and with them you can carry everything, simply and comfortably. You can also carry an insulin pen if you use that instead of a pump, together with DiaSecure if you wish.

Q: I don’t have a pump but rather I use injections instead. Are InsulWear products for me?
A:Yes! Absolutely. In the InsulWear selections the under shirt both for men and women has larger pockets and there is definitely room for the insulin pen if it doesn’t exceed 16.5 centimeter (6 ½ inch) in length. The DiaSecure also fits together with the insulin pen in the pocket.

Q: I have a remote control for my pump. Does the remote control function if I have the pump in InsulWear clothing?
A: Yes! It works perfectly well. Many customers and pump manufacturers see it as a big advantage to have a remote control and carry the pump in InsulWear clothing with pockets for the pump.

Q: I have a (CGM, continues glucose meter) glucose meterthat I use for constant assessment of my blood sugar. Can I carry it in InsulWear products?
A: Yes! Several glucose meter users have related how well it functions in InsulWear clothing. Insular recommends that youmake sure that the pump and the sensor are placed so that they have contact with one another.

Q: Can I be sure that the pump doesn’t fall out of the pocket to the floor and break?
A: InsulWear has put a lot of care into security issues. As a user of a pump you should not have to think about where you have the pump and you should be able to have your hands free. For that reason all the pockets on InsulWear clothing have an opening and closing function on the outside. When you close the pocket correctly and put the pump in correctly it shall stay in the pocket. You can do hand-stands, run, hop, work and feel secure at all times that your pump is where it should be. We recommend for you to keep in mind that the pocket has a hole on the inside for the tubing and when the clothing isn’t being worn and the pump is in the pocket, you should keep in mind that the pump could fall through that hole on the inside especially if the clothing isn’t on the body. As pump user you should always by yourself make sure you don´t drop the pump.

Q: I enjoy playing soccer and I think it is hard to carry my pump during this activity.” Can you help me?
A: Of course, InsulWear products are very popular among pump users (both amateurs and professional) who are active in strenuous sports. Many soccer and ice hockey players use InsulWear underwear with pockets during sports.

The placements of the pockets are such that they follow the body’s natural movements in such a way that you aren’t even aware you are carrying a pump. Also the clothing breathes accordingly and helps to transport sweat so that neither the user nor the pump is disturbed by either movement or dampness. We recommend underwear with pockets for the majority of sports, including team sports like soccer, hockey and handball. InsulWear has been a huge success for runners as it can hold everything you need, including dextrose, meters for measuring blood sugar and cell phone.

Q: I can finally sleep soundly at night without being bothered by my pump thanks to the clothing. But during the days I have a hard time getting to the pump in the pocket of my underwear. Is there another product to carry the pump during those times?
A: Many have asked that question and that is the reason InsulWear developed a tank top with pockets you can wear under your normal clothes such as shirts, dresses and t-shirts. It can also be worn on its own. In this way one can bring forth the pump discretely even when one is with other people. The tank top has pockets on both sides which makes it possible to carry dextrose, blood sugar meter and also a cellphone if so desired.

Q: What's the third pocket on InsulWear for?
Whatever you want! Your cellphone, keys, wallet, blood sugar meter, et cetera.

Q: I’m afraid my child will feel ’different’ because he has a pump. He doesn’t want to show others that he has one, especially when he is changing for sports or showers among his friends. Is there a solution for this?
A: There have been many customers who have the same wishes – to be able to discretely carry the pump. All of InsulWear products have a special design so that the pocket is folded inwards so that the pump isn’t visible at all. The pump is completely hidden in the pocket and the tubing can be kept inside the garment. With the pump in the pocket it can remain there when changing clothes. It therefore stays hidden and it also reduces the risk that one could drop the pump.

Q: I’m afraid the needle will come out because I get caught in the tubing. Can I have the tubing on the inside of InsulWear clothing?
A: All of InsulWear clothing have an opening on the inside where you simply can place the tubing on the inside of the clothing without having to un-hook the tube from the connection. This will reduce the risk to get caught in the tubing.

Q: I like to ski in the winter and am afraid that the insulin in the tubing will freeze. Do you have a solution for that?
A: Several skiers who use an insulin pump have tested InsulWear products. The insulin and the pump are protected close to the body and the tubing is inside the clothing. The same is true for the blood sugar meter which is protected from cold by the under shirt with pockets.

Q: Ever since I got my pump I have missed wearing a dress. Can I wear a dress with InsulWear clothes with pocket?
A: We often receive thank you notes from female customers who are especially happy that they can now wear any kind of clothes they want and above all, they can easily wear a dress. The most common is that they choose to carry their pump in their underwear with pocket. Discretely.


FRIO® Insulin Cooling Case

Q: What temperature does the FRIO® maintain?
A: The FRIO® maintains the required temperature range - room temperature - for in-use insulin. Please note that it is not a 'fridge' alternative. Many 'in-use' medications can be stored or transported at room temperature - check your manufacturer's information leaflet for your specific medication


Q: How long is In-use Insulin safe in a FRIO®? When do I 'top-up'/'re-activate' my FRIO?
A: 28 days (one month) - this is the life of most* in-use insulin. *Check your manufacturer's information leaflet for your specific medication, noting that Novo Nordisk states 6 weeks for some brands but it is essential that you check the leaflet. Please read the full explanation below: The FRIO® travel wallet is an evaporative cooling unit, purposely designed to keep in-use insulin cool within safe temperatures of 18-26°C (64.4-78.8°F) for 45 hours minimum, even in a constant environmental temperature of 37.8°C (100°F). The wallet can be 're-activated'/'topped-up' to provide continuous safe storage conditions for subsequent periods of 45 hours minimum for up to 28 days (one month). Note: 28 days (one month) is the life of in-use insulin. The wallet is re-useable. Note: insulin must be at the manufacturer's recommended temperature before being placed in the FRIO® wallet. Please check the manufacturer's information leaflet for your specific medication. For continuous safe storage, the FRIO® inner wallet should be re-immersed in water every 45 hours or sooner if the quantity of gel reduces and starts to return to its crystal form, i.e. crystals can be felt in the panels. When in continuous use, subsequent immersion periods will be shorter as the crystals will be continuously in gel form, i.e. 2-4 minutes will suffice (depending on the size of the wallet).

Q: What is the FRIO®'s average life span?
A: The FRIO® has a manufacturer's guarantee of 12 months. Meanwhile, many of our customers have advised us that their FRIO® has lasted for several years, but this will depend on how often it is used and how well it is cared for. Due to varying climatic and environmental conditions around the world, a FRIO® will respond differently and age accordingly. If activated and used sensibly it will continue to respond to your needs over a long period of time. With age, the length of immersion time will increase but as long as the crystals expand into a gel it will function properly. When the crystals fail to expand, it is time for a replacement. Note: the FRIO® is re-usable; the life of 'in-use' insulin is one month.

Q: Can a FRIO® be used for other medication?
A: Yes, FRIO® wallets can be used for other medications that can be stored at room temperature. We strongly recommend that users of medication other than insulin ask their GP, pharmacist or the medication's manufacturer for the safe travel data/safe travel allowance of their medication. Note: the wallet does not keep medication as cold as a 'fridge' would (2-8°C (35.6-46.4°F)), but it does keep medication cool within safe temperatures of 18-26°C (64.4-78.8°F) for 45 hours minimum, even in a constant environmental temperature of 37.8°C (100°F).

Care of Wallet:
When not in use, remove the inner wallet from the outer cover and allow to completely dry out naturally until the gel returns to crystal form. To keep the crystals separate, give the wallet an occasional shake whilst drying out. Note: the drying out period can take 2-4 weeks depending on the environmental climate. To accelerate the drying out period, various methods can be used: 1) place near a heat source such as a radiator or in an airing cupboard; 2) hang the wallet on a clothes line if the weather is suitable; 3) leave on a window sill in a sunny position; shaking at intervals will help. DO NOT PLACE THE FRIO® WALLET IN A TUMBLE DRYER! The outer cover of the wallet can be washed in warm water using a very mild detergent. The inner wallet can be spot cleaned by using a soft bristle brush (i.e. soft toothbrush or nail brush): dip the brush into slightly soapy water and spot clean the wallet. You can then rinse the wallet under running water without damaging the crystals inside. Alternatively, you can use a non-bleach anti-bacterial cleaning spray or an anti-bacterial kitchen or baby wipe to clean your wallet. DO NOT PLACE THE FRIO® WALLET IN A WASHING MACHINE! Store your FRIO® wallet in a dry place until you next wish to use it. These instructions are only a guide. Due to varying climatic and environmental conditions around the world, FRIO® wallets will respond differently according to location. If activated and used sensibly they will continue to respond to your needs over a long period of time. With age, the length of immersion time will increase but as long as the crystals expand into a gel the wallet will function properly. When the crystals fail to expand, the wallet will need to be replaced.


Q: How do I know that the Mealsizer® measures provide the right amounts of food for me?A: The sizes of the Mealsizer® measures have been calculated by a licensed dietician in order to provide a normal portion for a person who uses a normal amount of energy. The average woman’s daily energy requirement is 2100 kcal, while for the average man the equivalent figure is 2700 kcal per day. But we do not need to eat that exact amount of calories every day. Some days we can eat more, on other days less. It all depends on how physically active we are. It is the energy balance over an extended period of time that is the most important thing.

Q: Should I also fill the handle of the measure with food?A: No, the handle of the measure should not be filled with food. The set of measures is designed in this way so that they can be placed within one another and thus take up less space.

Q: What should I do with large pieces of meat that don’t fit in the protein measure?A: Large pieces of meat, fish or chicken can be cut up so that you end up with a suitably sized piece that fits in the measure for protein.

Q: Can I wash the measures in my dishwasher?A: Yes, the Mealsizer® measures can be washed in a dishwasher.

Q: Do I have to prepare a sauce with my meal?A: No, a meal does not have to include a sauce. Whether or not a sauce is desired is something that varies from person to person and from meal to meal. The sauce measure is included as a part of the set of measures in order to provide you with a controlled amount of sauce on occasions when you want to enjoy a sauce with your meal. You don’t need to use it on other occasions.

Q: Should the contents of the measure be heaped?A: No, the measure should be filled up to the rim, but the contents should not be heaped.

Q: How do I make lasagne using Mealsizer®?A: Not all dishes are ideally suited to using the Mealsizer measures. However, once you have gotten used to using the measures when preparing your meals, you will know what a reasonable portion looks like in its entirety, which will help you to place a suitably sized portion of e.g. lasagne onto your plate. You can always use the vegetable measure when making things like salad, in order to ensure that you are receiving the minimum recommended amount of vegetables.


The user maintains full responsibility to administer medication at the appropriate times. The products we market & sell are only to be used as aids. Always follow your doctor’s treatment recommendation and in case of issues with the medication and/or food administration call your doctor immediately.