DiaSecure® Diabetic Management System (Pack of 2 - Blue/Orange). FEATURED IN THE 2019 CONSUMER GUIDE OF DIABETES FORECAST MAGAZINE (by ADA)


$26.99 $31.99


The DiaSecure® system is simple, safe and durable -- available in many colors and packs of 1, 2 or 3 units.

PACK OF 2 -- BLUE/ORANGE (great to keep both your long-acting and short-acting insulin)

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★ Manage your daily insulin injections to avoid over- & under dosing.

★ Compartments for new & used needles, pills and/or glucose tablets.

★ Belt clip included making you hands-free all the time.

★ Excellent everywhere, at home, travelling, at your hotel room, etc.

★ Delivered in several popular colors.

★ All major brands of Insulin Pens fits perfectly well in DiaSecure.

★ Environmentally friendly.

★ Made of food graded polypropylene & machine washable.

Be safe with DiaSecure

[Insulin pen, syringes and pills are not included.]

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