InsulCheck for Eli Lilly Kwikpen™


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InsulCheck for Eli Lilly Kwikpen™

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For users of insulin pens

When did I inject insulin last….?

InsulCheck helps you to be secure when it comes to knowing when you last injected your insulin. InsulCheck fits onto your insulin pen and automatically tells you how long since you last injected. This will help you to adhere to your injection schedule and avoid the dangers of double injecting by mistake.


What are the main advantages with InsulCheck?


- Automatically tells you the time since your last injection.

- Fits to most reusable and disposable pens in seconds

- Confirms injection completion

- Enhances Pen grip

- Helps to avoid double and missed injections

- Helps to improve compliance with your injection schedule

-  Adds confidence , safety & certainty to your injection schedule

- The Flashing Light is seen by many as a valuable aid

- Display is large and clear.


InsulCheck is equipped with changeable batteries – making the product durable and long lasting!



The Eli Lilly KwikPensupports the following insulin types:

- Humalog®

- Humalog® Mix25

- Humalog® Mix50

- Humulin®


Insulcheck supports dosage of 5 units or more on this pen.

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